My Blog Articles Things you may find useful or not

These articles below are a collection of things I've either found useful, felt were worth sharing, or needed to get out of my head. Please don't judge too harshly, many of these weren't meant for others' eyes.

A simple to follow installation guide for NordLayer VPN

Learn efficient ways to import MySQL databases on Linux using the mysql command-line client. Explore the --source option and < operator for seamless data migration. Master MySQL imports on Linux with our comprehensive guide.

A guide to convert SSH keys from one version to another using Linux CLI

This article will walk you through how to get the database size from the cli command

Magento 2 How to location products with mismatched store data in single store mode.

Magento 2 How to identify duplicate product URLs in the database.

A quick installation guide for Terraform on Ubuntu 18.04

An introduction to the RollerCoin site and how you can use it to mine your own coins

How to log to information to a file in different Magento 2.4.x versions

A quick example of how to delete a LetsEncrypt Certbot generated certificate.

This article will help you invest what Bitcoin you have into systems that will increase your holding

If you want to check all users cron jobs this little command will output them to the command line

Do you want to clear the password history on your staging test site (not recommended for live)?

As a sysadmin you often need to see which files have been modified on a certain date.

If you prefer to use Nano over Vim in command line you can use the export the VISUAL value.

The Magento Core Helper formatDate method has 4 options that you can pass into it.

This method allows you to check the styling of your Magento success page.

This short article explains how to check if a static block is enabled in your Magento project.

This little snippet of JavaScript is an equivalent to PHP's time() function and has been most useful

This is a short guide showing you how to update your version of Plex Media Server in Cent OS

Ever wanted to run commands in the background of your terminal. Using this extra keystroke you can.

I find creating aliases is a real time saver in terminal.

Composer is rocking my life at the moment, I do have one small issue though.

If, like me, you run a command line Linux distro then disk space remaining is useful to know.

Ever wondered how to turn off your firewall on CentOS. Here's how.

If you are looking for the best method of buying and selling cryptocoins I think i've found it!

Whilst I was waiting for my Train the other day I decided to take a little walk with my camera.

This function will generate a random password of a given length (if specified)

This function will allow you to search a string and convert urls to anchor tags

Ever wondered how to stop Thumbs.db files from taking over your PC? Here's my guide to stop them.

Using my Mac laptop as a dev machine is great but sometimes I need my hidden files, here's how.

A little primer into the world of the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

A PHP function to determine if a supplied email address is valid

A simple PHP preg_replace statement that will convert uk date format ready for a database

Ever wondered how to install linux wireless network drivers on your Dell Inspiron 1501.

This function outputs a string that is filename friendly.

While catching up on some rss feeds today this little gem popped into my window.

This function is great for retrieving the last key of a multidimensional array. I use this function on a site that stores cake options such as size, shape, ribbon colour, icing colour and text fields for use in a shopping basket.

A PHP function to return the lightness of a colour from a hex value

Following from my last post, here is the method to get your IP address if you are behind a proxy. It's a much better function than the earlier post as it will almost guarantee a return result.

Here's a quick little function which can be used to return your IP address. Not as useful as the next method but a simple quick solution

I had an interesting experience the other day where an application window appeared off screen and therefore hindered my progress on a website build.

I've been using jQuery now for a few months and thought I'd share some observations.

Just a quick article outlining the different methods of capturing screen output on a Mac.

I've been using jQuery now for a few months and thought I'd share some observations.

The Heartbeat of Liberty City GTA IV Easter Egg

Last weekend we finally got to try out our Bajas on Selsley common.

Been over a month since i posted last and for good reason, Christmas was a busy time for me with expanding work and decreasing time.

I've been using 123-reg now for approximately 5 years and have never had a problem up until earlier this week when I was transferring a couple of domains, for new clients, into my account. The first was a .com and the second a

Been using this class now for my sites for a while it's just the ticket.

Here's an old bit of code that I found to position something centrally inside an element.