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PHP is my primary development language and has been so for the last 11+ years. Being a PHP developer has meant I can work on a massive variety of projects and in my time I've seen lots of different frameworks come and go. The power of PHP is the ingenuity and dedication of it developers, this is what I love and hope to give some help with my knowledge in this blog.

Composer is rocking my life at the moment, I do have one small issue though.

This function will generate a random password of a given length (if specified)

This function will allow you to search a string and convert urls to anchor tags

A PHP function to determine if a supplied email address is valid

A simple PHP preg_replace statement that will convert uk date format ready for a database

This function outputs a string that is filename friendly.

This function is great for retrieving the last key of a multidimensional array. I use this function on a site that stores cake options such as size, shape, ribbon colour, icing colour and text fields for use in a shopping basket.

A PHP function to return the lightness of a colour from a hex value

Following from my last post, here is the method to get your IP address if you are behind a proxy. It's a much better function than the earlier post as it will almost guarantee a return result.

Here's a quick little function which can be used to return your IP address. Not as useful as the next method but a simple quick solution

I've been using jQuery now for a few months and thought I'd share some observations.

Been using this class now for my sites for a while it's just the ticket.