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Some of my experiences using different Linux distro's for Web Development and PHP, MySQL Website Development.

A quick installation guide for Terraform on Ubuntu 18.04

A quick example of how to delete a LetsEncrypt Certbot generated certificate.

If you want to check all users cron jobs this little command will output them to the command line

As a sysadmin you often need to see which files have been modified on a certain date.

If you prefer to use Nano over Vim in command line you can use the export the VISUAL value.

This is a short guide showing you how to update your version of Plex Media Server in Cent OS

Ever wanted to run commands in the background of your terminal. Using this extra keystroke you can.

If, like me, you run a command line Linux distro then disk space remaining is useful to know.

Ever wondered how to turn off your firewall on CentOS. Here's how.

Ever wondered how to install linux wireless network drivers on your Dell Inspiron 1501.