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Getting a missing window back on-screen

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I had an interesting experience the other day where an application window appeared off screen and therefore hindered my progress on a website build. I put this down to the fact that I run two monitors on my work machine and since moving them, I must have put them the opposite way around. This had me a little confused for a while, and as always the case, this website is running a couple of days behind schedule already.

After thinking the software had crashed when I requested this particular window, I decided to just try hitting the escape key to see if the window had opened and was not appearing on the main or secondary monitor. Bingo, application responding again to mouse clicks! When this has happened in the past the window offscreen has been the main application window so right clicking in the taskbar and selecting move has generally got me working again. Not this time as it was a window within the program.

The workaround that I found was this.

Use Alt+Space, then M, then Arrow key, and then move your mouse. The window snaps to your cursor and everything is all good again. Time for me to crack on with the web project!

Hope this helps people with similar problems.

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