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De-Cluttering your PC - Stopping Thumbs.db files

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What are they?

Thumbs.db files are generated by Windows when you enter a directory that contains images. Windows cache's a thumbnail of the image and stores the data in the Thumbs.db file, this saves the operating system having to look at the contents of the file every time your enter the directory.

How do I stop them being created?

If you don't mind waiting for a few seconds to see the image thumbnails when entering a directory of images, carrying out the following steps will stop your computer from generating Thumbs.db files.

  1. Click Start
  2. Double-click Control Panel
  3. Double-click Folder Options
    1. The “Folder Options” window will open.
  4. Click on the View tab
  5. Check off the circle next to Do not cache thumbnails
  6. Click the OK button

There, you are done! No more Thumbs.db will be created.

This is especially useful when working across multiple operating systems as Mac and Linux users will see Thumbs.db files but won't benefit from their creation. Much like Macs generating .DS_Store files (this will be covered in a blog post soon).

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