Jigsaw Sitemap Generator Plugin


Generates a sitemap.xml for your jigsaw site during the build process.
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Whilst building my new site using Tighten's Jigsaw, I followed the basic setup and tutorials in the documents and generated my sitemap.

I felt this process was something that would benefit from being made into a plugin to save writing the same lines on future sites.

After a quick search, I came across East Slope Studio's Sitemap Generator and after attempting to install the plugin I came up against a version incompatibility. A change in Laravel 6's support for the Str class meant the plugin failed to load.

A quick pull and test and the code were updated and released with the updates in place.

I've since made another code update to fix an issue with double quotes in the link and currently use this on my site.

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Jigsaw 1.3.16+

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