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Super Paper Mario Troubles

Super Paper Mario Troubles

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I sit here now after spending most of the day working on recoding a website that we've just taken over the hosting and maintenance for (the site's code is about 10 years older than the internet itself). But that's not what my gripe is about! Whilst i've been working hard, my girlfriend has been playing the new Super Paper Mario on the Wii. Now we've had to wait quite a while now for this game as America and Japan have had it for months. So you'd of thought that Nintendo would have had plenty of time to iron out any issues that may of occurred. Apparently not, on one part of the game a little under half way the game crashes and completely locks up the system. Now the first time this happened you think that maybe the console had a little head fit as it's been on for several hours and the house is warm. But after 2 more attempts and the same thing happening i decided to have quick scout about on the internet to see if anyone else was getting the problem. It turns out that the PAL version of the game has a glitch in and hundreds of people have had the issue. Replacing the disk doesn't work as it seems the problem is with the code on the disk. So for anyone else getting the issue here is the link that i used to sort the problem.
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