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Finally got a PS3

Finally got a PS3

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After the console being out a year in the UK i've finally picked one up. After watching many titles come out on the PS3 and thinking that maybe this Playstation was one to miss, Grand Theft Auto 4 is almost upon us. Being a big fan of the previous ones has led me to this decision. with the PC version being delayed for upto a year i have bit the bullet and got it.
After installing the system and immediately upgrading the hard drive from 20 to 160Gb i think i'm ready for some gaming. The system came with GT5 Prologue which in true GT style is just about as realistic as you can get without paying for an actual track day. I can see the full game being well worth playing for all car enthusiasts as well as the weekend road warrior.
Other games that i've picked up are Assassins Creed, Motorstorm, Army of Two, Resistance Fall of Man and Singstar (for the missus). So far i've played Assassins Creed which i am really enjoying and Motorstorm which i've seen lots of on I should be getting to grips with the others in the next few weeks.
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