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Medal of Honor: Airborne

Medal of Honor: Airborne

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Just finished the game and was left with a feeling of disappointment. I really enjoyed the first few levels, the idea of dropping into the battlefield and choosing your starting location is a great idea. You don't get as much freedom as you'd expect because you are generally given 2 "safe locations" where you won't immediately be shot at.

I also enjoyed the upgrades that you get as you use your weapons, it rewards your experience with a bonus, each weapon has 3 separate unlocks and even the grenades have unlocks.
The downside to the game only become apparent near the end. You realise that your getting near the end and you've only played for about 7 hours. Now a days i expect games to last at least 15 hours  in singleplayer mode, at  least then i feel i've got my monies worth.
You also come up against this sort of superhero of a player loaded with a minigun style weapon but carrying no armour who takes at least a clip of ammo to bring down. Now i love the realism that you have in the game but this enemy shatters that with his super human powers. Before this turn in the game i would have rated the game at 9/10 but with this and the shortness of the game i have to reduce the rating to 8/10. Well worth playing but don't expect to spend too long completing it.
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