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With the release of several games in the succession and me having less than full use of my shoulder, i've been unable to post on the unbelieveable game that is Crysis. I managed to complete the game yesterday afternoon and wasn't disappointed at all with the story, gameplay and visual aspects of the game.85% of the game is jungle based combat against the Korean Army, with the remainder a brutal clash with an alien race. The game is a welcome change to Farcry which seemed to be 10% people and 90% alien. After speaking with people about Farcry the consensus was that the best part was creeping through a jungle with a bunch of mercenaries after you, using the shadows and undergrowth to hide you. I know from personal experience that once aliens became involve i was put off and never finished the game.Back to Crysis, with bleeding edge graphics technology you'll need a pretty special machine to run this game on Max settings. I can manage to run on high with frame rates at about the 30's. The graphics are superb with beautiful lighting effects and an almost perfect water effect. The new on-the-fly weapon upgrade system is fantastic allowing you to customise your weapons when and however you feel like it. This feature goes hand in hand with the suit augmentations which allow you to either run faster, be invisible, be stronger or have greater armour. The environments also allow a flexibility in completing any particular tasks with multiple routes to objectives and multiple tactics on those routes. You could play this game multiple times and still do things differently then next time you played through it.To sum this game up the visuals are fantastic and you'll still find it looking great in 6 months time, the gameplay is fantastic with smart AI and great replay value. Back this with a fantastic sound score and it is the perfect way to finish the year. Not quite up to the level of Call of Duty 4 but still a top game that should be played.

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