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Mozilla Plugin of the Month

Mozilla Plugin of the Month

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I've been using Mozilla Firefox as my main browser now for quite some time and love the plugins that are available for it. I thought I'd feature some of my favourite plug ins in a new feature I'm calling Plugin of the Month!

This months plugin is not a geek tool (honest) it useful for people who have more than one pc and want to keep their bookmarks synchronised automatically. This plugin stores your bookmarks on a remote server and synchronises them periodically. So when you use your second machine it will automatically download them and store them in exactly the same place as they were on your main machine. I find this really useful as i use three computers and keeping track of all my bookmarks used to be a real pain, now all i have to do is install the plugin and it downloads the latest version of my bookmarks onto my machine, no fuss.

You can get the plugin from either Mozilla Addons or go to the Developers site.

Keep an eye out for next months "Plugin of the Month".

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